Feral Redux – Rupert, Month 3


It seems like time is just flying by, and while I’d like to say that after 3 months Rupert is integrated into the household, that would be wishful thinking. Month 3 can be measured in inches. Mostly good inches, but inches nonetheless.

Rupert’s gotten more comfortable eating and going to the bathroom during the day, but that’s because we went back to the door-closed scenario when we aren’t home. We have to watch Moon because as polite and tender and cuddly as he is towards us, he’s kind of a dick to Rupert.
NekoKattipede-2We’ve proceeded with our Saturday and Sunday morning play visits, and we finally found a toy that gets Rupert going. Of course, his version of play at the moment is swatting the Nekko Fly from the safety of his cat bed, but it’s still something because it shows interest in interacting versus hiding. This wiggly thing is magic.

That said, this fun doesn’t last long though because once Moon sees Rupert playing, he has to storm over and scold him with a “Hey, watch it buddy,” hiss. One time he even raised his paw to Rupert, which really frightened me, but I had to remain calm. I just misted some catnip spray over Moon’s head and gently urged him away with the Nekko fly rod. I told Moon that if he was going to be a penis, then he would have to leave the room and that would mean, no more kattipede. He usually calms down and chooses to play with me instead, but it’s nerve wracking and rough going.

I don’t fault Moon at all. He is a high anxiety cat. His feral (bullied) background makes him very fearful of people and other cats even if he knows them like Rupert. Even the smell of other animals infiltrating the house when we open the windows in the spring will cause Moon to tailspin into a panic attack. Panic attacks for Moon manifest as cystitis with blood in his urine. He gets cystitis once or twice a year. He’s been on a low mineral load/low carb/high meat protein urinary style diet for years so he doesn’t block again, and when he’s in the throes of a panic attack, we increase his dosage of Cosequin, which was recommended by my vet for treating stress related bladder issues. So, he’s stressed, he’s grouchy, and he’s being selfish right now. I understand, but he can’t remain this way towards Rupert, and it’s up to me to guide him in the right direction. I really have no clue what I’m doing though, so it’s all very stressful to me too. I make sure that Moon has special one on one cuddle time so that he understands there is enough everything to go around and that his world (as he knows it) is only going to change by inches.

As for Rupert, he gets cuddle time too, and he’s fallen asleep drooling on my arm twice now. That he loves getting petted and feels comfortable enough to actually sleep right next to me on the floor is a monumental thing, even measured in inches. Progress is progress even if sometimes I get the feeling that Rupert is pretending to be shy just to get more lovin.



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