Feral Redux – Door Open Failure

Moon kitty, having a game of bad blanket.

Moon kitty, having a game of bad blanket.

Look at that face, that mischievous ninja stalker face. That’s Moon kitty. Rupert’s feral friend and the first cat we took in. Moon’s been an indoor cat for three years now and has no interest in the outside unless it’s on the other side of a window. Moon is a timid cat with high anxiety. He never had any territory and used to get pummeled by the local Tomcats before he wandered into our yard and asked for help. He’s been with us eight years, as long as Rupert has. Basically, we took a timid, feral cat with no agency and gave him a kingdom. He’s still a very timid cat and hides from people, but aside from that he is curious and confident and, shall we say, vigorous.

He jumped the gate two nights ago and busted in on Rupert while he was eating. It was midnight; Moon had been sleeping next to me in bed when he heard Rupert drinking and eating in the next room. A quiet house isn’t always a good thing. Anyway, he shot out of bed, stalked the door for a bit, and then he was over it like a friggin’ ninja.

Rupert was a little frightened, mostly because it was dark and you can’t see Moon in the dark even when he’s two feet in front of your face let alone flying through the air like a bat with throwing knives. Then I go and flip the light on.

I’m sure in Rupert’s head it was chaos.

He recovered, but Moon didn’t.

He wants in that room and he wants it bad. He jumped the gate again last night, so…

We are back to door closed when we aren’t home and at night.

The funny thing is though, when I’m in the room cleaning and fussing with Rupert, the door is wide open and it’s only one gate high. He could jump in easily at any time. But he doesn’t.

Cats are tough to figure out sometimes.

I’ll continue with the Saturday/Sunday morning letting Moon into the room for a visit and we’ll see how that goes. Rupert has made such great progress that I don’t want Moon to set him back with his vigorous curiosity.

I guess the moral of the story is:

Always be prepared to change your game plan because circumstance will always be there ready and waiting to change it for you.


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