Feral Redux – Wow! It’s been a Month …


Which meant giving Rupert’s safe-room a complete and thorough washing down. Rupert got a little stressed with the process, even though I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees so the mop wouldn’t scare him. He hid in his litter box, but with a little classical harp music, it didn’t take him long to calm down after the process. I’m not worried about fleas as the selemectin treatment he got on day one knocks down 95% of the fleas in 36 hours with a total kill rate of 100% by day 30. He didn’t have many fleas on him, and since the environment he was being placed into was flea free to begin with, one shouldn’t be too concerned as long as the animal’s bedding is getting washed weekly. That said, who wants to be in a dirty room. It’s good to give the room a deep clean once a month at minimum even if it’s a little stressful. That means a good litterbox scrubbing as well.

He does love his new cat bed. It’s very soft and cushy with a slightly lower front so he can rest his head while watching the room.

He really loves a good massage, and so I try to do that several times a day in 15-20 minute sessions. I did use one of the sessions to casually part his hair so that I could sneak his flea/worm treatment onto the back of his neck without him noticing. It worked. He didn’t notice at all, though I’m not really sure I got it all on the skin. If I didn’t, we can try again next month as it’s not critical at this stage if I miss a month.

FB_IMG_1451241308535It’s hard to believe it’s been a month already. He’s come a long way in those weeks but we still have a lot of work to do. We have to get him out of hiding during the day and we have to get him playing. I’ve got a lot of new toys for him, but feral cats really don’t know what toys are, and it took us a while to find things that Moon liked.

He even let me get a Holiday picture of him. He smiles just like Sheldon Cooper, and I’ll take it, along with the purrs and eye blinks. He’s a wonderful gentle soul. I had a gut feeling about that eight years ago and the more he comes out of his scared feral shell, the more convinced I am that my gut was right.

Happy holidays to all. Kindness is free and it’s the greatest gift of all – to give and to receive.


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