Feral Redux – Rupert, Day 28


Linens Day and Rupert was not happy about it.

Even before the cats, Saturday was always linens day, when the sheets and towels get washed and changed. The ferrets always loved linens day, mostly so that they could jump around the bed under the fresh sheets as I was trying to make it. They even liked having their own linens changed too. I don’t believe in bathing ferrets or cats, unless they get into something really nasty or have the poops. Baths are stressful and they strip the natural oils from the animal’s skin, making them itchy. It’s just not worth it and simply changing their bedding weekly does the same thing as a bath and it is less invasive.

When we started taking care of Moon, he liked to sleep in the chair on the patio. We gave him old towels to sleep on and we changed them regularly. For a while there, my husband was dedicated towel-boy. Moon still loves when we give him a fresh towel on his bed. He jumps on it, rolls around, kicks at it, and smurgles it for at least 15 minutes. He also has a wool blanket that he is very fond of.

Rupert was NOT impressed with linens day. Not. At. All. But it had to be done. Sometimes during the rehabilitation, we will have to do things that the cat will not like, so all we can do is be gentle and comforting about it and eventually they will get over it. We hope.

Linens day wasn’t normally a problem as something would make Rupert shift location and I could swap out his dirty towel or fleecy-pad on a weekly basis. He stinks, and his winter coat is falling out because the house is warm and he doesn’t need it. This makes for a stinky hairy mess. However, this week, he was unwilling to move, so I had to gently slide the towel out with him on it. He got pissed. He hissed. He was mad at me for the entire day, and I was subjected to the stink-eye every time I entered the room. He was also having none of the fresh clean fleecy-pad.

a53c22401cd36f9cb3db632b7086cf89Inadvertently, this was a good thing. Once he realized that the floor is friggin’ cold, and that he was not going to use the fresh fleecy-pad — of which I bought three for no apparent reason now — he decided to finally hunker down in the proper cat bed.

Let’s just say that he found cat heaven and he found it right quick. He hasn’t been this relaxed and content looking since we brought him in.

The only problem with this situation is mine. Now I have to get myself into crazy contorted pretzel positions to interact with him. At this point, I can only really reach his head, which he does outstretch for me so he can get head scritches, his favorite thing besides canned food.

I can’t argue with contentment, so I’ll just have to deal with the shoulder and neck pain until, hopefully, the contentment brings him out into the open.


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