Feral Redux – Rupert, Day 10


RupertRupert’s stool sample came back negative. Even so, I decided to give him the Droncit anyway since with worms you can get a false negative and the medicine really won’t do any harm. However, that doesn’t mean he will take it. They are very savvy about their food as I mentioned yesterday, and as expected, he didn’t eat all the medicated food last night, so we’ll see what happens with the second pill today. Tapeworms are a nuisance, but if we have to wait and try again, it’s no big deal. He can’t pass them to us or Moon anyway.

As for changes in behavior, he still wanted to hide all day yesterday, so I wasn’t even able to pet him. It’s disappointing when they take a step backwards, but it’s also to be expected. We have to respect his moods and his space. Though once it got dark, he was a crazy cat all night. What is with cats and window blinds? I do remember Moon going after the blinds for a bit when he first came inside, but he’s since forgotten all about them as long as I remember to raise them in the morning so he can see out of the windows.

What a night. No sleep again, and I’m feeling a bit down.

Just to be honest about the situation, setbacks will happen often. My husband and I are not living with any delusions here. There is a possibility that Rupert will never integrate into the household. The odds are better than most because he likes Moon and he’s known us for a long time, but that still doesn’t guarantee the rehabilitation will work. It’s really up to him, and his personality will affect the outcome to a greater extent than anything we can do. All we can do is press on and stay positive, but there’s always the chance we’ll have to let him go. We’ll let him decide that next June when it’s warm out again; until then, we have six months to get him to change his mind.

Maybe the nice soft and proper cat bed will help. I found him in it for the first time this morning.


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