Cheryl Anne Gardner — An Interview …


museWherein one of my longtime writer friend/fellow indie review blog veteran and I discuss my utter lack of a writing process and the fact that my muse is a douche. Basically, I pretend to know what I am talking about:

My Writing process, i.e. word-smithing. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it, but in reality, it’s more word-smashing, word-fumbling, and word-nervous-breakdowning, so I guess I’ll start with what I don’t do. I don’t write on a schedule. I don’t have a daily word count. I don’t have a set writing space or way I prefer to write, and my muse is a douche. I suppose this is because I am very anti-rule. I like art for its anarchy, and so my process is very fluid and flexible and free from constraints, self-imposed or otherwise. This is probably why I can’t seem to crank it out like some authors. If I try to stuff myself into an official process, I freeze up creatively. I’ve tried . . . read the rest of the interview here.

Thank you Shannon for allowing me to vent ma shpleen.


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