On Being and Not Being a Grammar Nazi


I used to be a grammar Nazi.

Used. To. Be.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love formal language. When I am writing in the long form, I tend to stay rather formal with grammatical construction and vocabulary. I feel that certain types of stories tend to favor that approach. However, I am, and always have been, a rule breaker. This is probably why I have such a strong attraction to Flash and Experimental fiction. I appreciate the risk-taker. That said, I’ve been writing, editing, and publishing experimental fiction for a long time, and I can tell the difference between experimentation and illiterate nonsense. In my opinion, language is an artistic medium like any other. To be pushed, shoved, and shaped according to the artist’s creative whims. To be altered, not eroded. To be worshipped and accepted for its strength and versatility. Its mood and movement. Its sensuality. So for me, rules be damned is always the order of the day.

Although Stephen Fry says it better than I ever could.


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