Molly Was …


The boys drank in one room. The girls in another. Always the same, no matter the letters.

Greek Letters.

Shabby sofa on the burnt-out lawn.

Sometimes the lawn was wet and green, and sometimes the sofa was plaid, but not that night. That night, she stood on the lawn thinking that she should have brought a coat but didn’t. She thought she might leave to get one, but just as she thought maybe, yes, someone handed her a smile in a red plastic cup, a cramped closet to hide in, and a warm hand to lead her there.

Cheryl Anne Gardner’s flash fiction story about Campus Violence was original published at the now defunct Vagabond City Journal. It has now found a new home at Fictionaut and has garnered quite a bit of praise since it went live. You can read it free now: Molly Was a Fucking Tourist

We only wish that writing about it could fix the issue.


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